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About The Lancet Conferences

The Lancet Conferences provide a much needed vehicle to convene key international experts to promote discussion and debate in an educational environment. Our aim is to review up-to-date evidence and explore broad public-health issues to increase awareness where there is an educational gap, and to influence and inform clinical practice where appropriate.

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Most Recent Conference

The Lancet Conferences: HPV and Cancer 2010
The Lancet Conference on HPV and Cancer provided an opportunity for regional and international leaders from the oncology community to address the growing public-health and daily practice issues associated with HPV and cancer.

Visit the summit website for the conference highlights.

The Lancet Conferences: Mass Gathering Medicine
Mass gatherings of people challenge global-health security and have resulted in global disease outbreaks, including polio, meningitis, cholera, and the 1957 pandemic influenza. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and international experts hosted the first Global Forum on Mass Gathering Medicine.

Visit the summit website for the conference highlights.

Past Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

The Lancet Conferences: Women's Health in Asia
Unfortunately, despite the high quality content planned for this conference, various challenges in the region have forced the cancellation of this event.
1st Asia Pacific Cardiovascular Summit on Breakthroughs and Controversies
The Lancet and Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), in conjunction with Elsevier Greater China, will present the The Lancet/JACC 1st Asia Pacific Cardiovascular Summit on Breakthroughs and Controversies.

Visit the conference website for more information.

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